October 2019 Research Updates

October Calendar (September)
This is an ongoing post of research updates during the month. Updates are provided every few days, and you can easily reach the update by clicking the link in the calendar.
10/2/19 – Month to date

I’ve been looking into the melt pond sizes to try and approximate the appropriate size. To be honest, I am at a stand still. I started by wanting to compare melt sheets assuming a cylinder verse a partial sphere. After a while testing that, it wasn’t giving reasonable answers. Then, assuming a cylinder, it just becomes the depth of the melt pond at a given melt fraction is just the same fraction of the depth of the crater (assuming the final crater depth is comparable to that of the transient crater depth). That means a crater melt sheet on the order of 10’s of meters, not 100s of meters that is observed in O’Brien et al. (2005). Even when I use Bray et al. (2012)’s trend equation for crater floor diameter, it only starts to show results approaching O’Brien’s at 10% concentration (~200m compared to ~40m and 100m). Right now, I am just going to move forward and assume 200m deep with a width defined by the floor diameter defined in Bray et al. (2012). Return to Calendar.

10/7/19 – The Institute Launch and things

Last week, I put together a couple lego rovers for the launch of the Western Space Institute. Thursday, I didn’t make much progress with research because I had to sub for two lab sections which took up a good deal of my day.

Today, I attended the launch of the institute, but before I spent some time fiddling with the code. I decided to use the trend equation defined in Bray et al. (2012) for the floor diameter of a crater of a given diameter to figure out the diameter of the melt lens. With that, and an assumed volume for the melt lens, we can solve for the depth (or height h) of the melt lens. I proceeded to try and run the code to make sure my input would work. I am not familiar with the syntax, so I need to test it a bit to learn the ropes.

I realized I never tried to run the code. I figured out how to run it, and then came the errors. It appears I need the numpy package. I proceeded to install it and got a bunch of problems. I downloaded the package and tried to run it, but the setup failed. I tried other ways of doing it by going through some Homebrew program. I will give it a bit more time tomorrow then ask for help from someone with python experience.

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