Luster by Raven Leilani ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks to the Publisher and to NetGalley for an advanced readers ebook of this novel for a fair and honest review.

Hear all my thoughts in my August 28, 2020 Friday Reads video.

Sometimes I wonder why I use NetGalley because it feels like most of what I get approved for are mediocre stories desperate for attention. I was pleasantly surprised when I read this because it was one of the exceptions. I was hooked almost immediately. Do you know that feeling of when you start a book and you realize this is exactly what you wanted? That’s what this was for me. Not only is the writing fun and easy to read, the story is fascinating.

It follows the sexual exploits of a young black woman and her involvement with a married man in an open relationship. It deals with the issues that can arise in this kind of situation as well as the sexism and racism and women have to deal with.

No one in this book is perfect, least of all our main character. She is a women who thinks she knows what she wants and unabashedly goes for it. Some of what happens is cringy, but that is life. I loved the story and the complexity of the relationship.

It reminded me of Queenie, but I enjoyed this a lot more.

If the premise sounds intriguing, I highly recommend. Fantastic book and I can’t wait until Leilani comes out with her next book! 5/5 stars

Why Raven Leilani's 'Luster' Is This Summer's Must-Read | HuffPost Canada  Life

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