The Shadows by Alex North ⭐️⭐️

I was granted an audiobook arc of this by NetGalley for a fair and honest review.
Alex North on the True Crime That Inspired The Shadows
I really didn’t like this book. The writing was fine and even ominous at times, but I never cared what happened to our characters. What’s more, the threat never felt real. When you try and walk this line between the natural and supernatural it can come off as tacky (in my opinion). Examples of this done well would be The Haunting of Hill House, the Yellow Wallpaper, or even a Head Full of Ghosts. When it is done poorly, it all just feels like the threat we are supposed to believe in has no weight. That coupled with the characters I had not interest in made a for a very boring story.

Many people compare this to Stephen King. I can see that in some of the style. However, it fails in one key area. King’s books can be overly long and difficult to get through. Personally, I still love the process because it is always character focused. King makes you care for the people in the story. Whether it’s love or hate, he makes your feel for them, and when his stories start to drift to no one, it almost doesn’t even matter because you’re doing it with these characters you love reading about.

That is the key failure with this in my opinion. Well, that and the threat which never felt real enough or satisfying.

It also doesn’t help that I didn’t like the narrators for this. The male narrator is worse than the female. Part of it is the lack of variety for voices, but it is bigger than that. While they have the necessary inflections in tense moments, it still never pulled me in. Normally, even a bad story can be fun with a good narrator. For me, this didn’t have either of those things. 2/5 stars

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