Crater Hunting in HISAR (and writing)

So, I visited home and had a good time visiting friends (and my sister). I played some fun deception games at Deceptacon. Unfortunately, I came back with a bit of a cold, so I ended up working from home during reading week (as a favor to my peers more so than the severity of the cold).

I’ve been writing. The end of the month is here and the first chapter of my master thesis is about to be submitted to Catherine for review and edits. There isn’t much to say about that at the moment.

The other thing I’ve been working on is looking at Titan’s craters again but focused on HISAR images. Past crater searches haven’t focused a lot on HISAR, and we’ve found some interesting features that seem to have gone unnoticed up to now. I won’t try to go through them all here, mostly because I’m running low on media space for my blog. Instead, I will redirect you to a google slide presentation I put together that runs through all the craters I’ve found (not previously known). The first phase of review has already been done, so the list is down to I think 23 craters, and of those ~10 or so are, I believe, completely new from this run through (either that or they weren’t reviewed during the first look through with Catherine).

In this google slide presentation I have made a few notes in slide, but also some in the notes section of each slide (you should be able to add comments to the file if you wish). I think the key features I looked for smooth (dark) circular center with a rougher (brighter) terrain surrounding it in a semi-uniform manner like an ejecta blanket (Figure 1).

crater example
Figure 1: The key features I looked for smooth (dark) circular center (in red) with a rougher (brighter) terrain (in yellow) surrounding it in a semi-uniform manner like an ejecta blanket.


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